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UTFR shares information and provides mutual aid and is is consisted of UTokyo students from non-advanced schools.


    Basic Information


    First and second-year students mainly take the lead in management.

    Number of Members

    About 70 students

    Participation Grades

    Undergraduate students only

    Selection Process Info


    Annual Membership Fee

    Free. Visit to Ishigaki Island is optional and at your own expense. Travel expenses are not high..

    Frequency of Activities

    Meetings are held about once a week (on days that are multiples of 6)









    A Look at Their Activities






    “UTokyo should be open to all students, no matter where or when they began to pursue it.”
    UTFR is a group of students who entered UTokyo from non-advanced schools, which means high schools where few students are accepted to UTokyo.
    UTFR aims to bring together such students to share information and provide mutual aid. It is currently involved in activities to support junior and senior high school students in a similar environment to ours.
    In the future, we would like to expand our activities to other parts of Japan while retaining the aspect of a mutual aid organization that respects the diverse values of its members.
    The frequency of activities and involvement in the organization is left up to each member, and they are free to be involved in whatever activities they like.


    UTFR was founded in 2017.


    Before COVID
    In order to give a chance to junior and senior high school students who cannot or do not even have the option to aim for UTokyo due to the information gap or their surrounding environment, UTFR conducted events of experiences of the entrance exam at school festivals and published the book "What UTokyo Students from Non-Progressive Schools Did in High School" from Shogakukan based on these stories.
    In addition to that, various other projects that only UFTR can do are underway. In the summer of 2019, the Ishigaki Island Utokyo Project was launched in Ishigaki Island, Okinawa Prefecture, as an area that has not produced UTokyo students for decades. The project gives lectures to local junior and senior high school students and their parents and coaches students to take the UTokyo entrance exam. Ultimately, UTFR aims to encourage an increase in the number of schools from which UTokyo students come and improve the current situation of UTokyo, which has lost its diversity of students.

    Furthermore, UTFR functions as a community for students from minor high schools within UTokyo, holding dinner parties, social events, and study sessions based on members' specialities and interests. In addition to exchanging information about life in UTokyo, where there are inevitably fewer friends and acquaintances, UTFR provides members with opportunities to discuss various projects that only they can do and think deeply about their careers with other enthusiastic members and have diverse interests and backgrounds.

    After COVID
    Regular meetings are held online. The members' experiences of the entrance exam, which are usually sold at the May Festival and Komaba Festival, are now available for a fee on NOTE. In 2020, UTFR was not able to visit Ishigaki Island, but we hope to do so this year, taking into account the infection situation. Also, in 2021, we have started a new educational project to be implemented in Yusuhara, Kochi.

    Careers/Activities of Past Members (OB・OG)
    Since it is a new organization, the alumni network is still very small. Thus, it is difficult to make a general statement.

    Activities of OB・OGs
    Since it is a new organization, the alumni network is still very small. Thus, it is difficult to make a general statement.

    Composition of Membership

    Number of Members About 70 students

    Grade Composition of Members A wide range of students from 1st year to master's program

    Grade Composition of the Administration Team
    First and second-year students mainly take the lead in management.

    Gender Ratio
    Male to female ratio 4:1

    Period of Entry
    Many first-year students join in the welcome week in spring or fall, but we always welcome new members from all grades.

    Features of Membership
    UTokyo students only, 1:1
    Almost 100% dual-service ratio.
    There is a wide variety of dual-career programs, including sports, cultural, academic, and international programs.

    Withdrawal Rate
    There is a difference in the level of commitment among members, but as the saying goes, "UTFR is a non-negotiable membership," there are no particular disadvantages to remaining a member, so few people quit.

    Structure of Organization

    Grade Composition of the Administration Team
    There is no clear division of executive representatives, but it is managed by active members of the first and second-year students.

    Structure of Administration
    In addition to the President and Co-President, we have two people in charge of newcomers recruiting, School festivals, Accounting, Media/Public Relations, and events. In addition, the leader of each project is decided by a candidacy system.

    Frequency of Activities

    Usual Activities

    Meetings are held on days that are multiples of 6 at a coworking space near the Komaba campus.
    During the summer and spring break, we go to Ishigaki Island for educational support activities. In addition, we hold irregular dinners and study sessions.
    In Slack, various topics, from serious activities to daily trivial matters, are actively discussed every day.

    Annual Schedule

    March, April: Welcome party
    May: May Festival sales of experiences of the entrance exam (online sales are available for a fee on NOTE)
    June: Circle camp
    July: Open campus event
    August: Summer events
    September: Summer visit to Ishigaki Island
    October: Autumn Welcome Party
    November: Komaba Festival sales of experiences of the entrance exam (online sales are available for a fee on NOTE)
    February: Spring Visit to Ishigaki Island
    ・They voluntarily participate in activities they want to participate in.
    ・There is a possibility that we will visit Kochi Prefecture in the summer as part of a new project.

    Recruitment Information

    Selection Process **
    With selection
    **Eligible Members

    All grades (from freshmen to doctoral students!)
    Members who actually join
    Many first-year students join during the welcome week, but students from various grades join throughout the year.
    Procedure to join
    We ask the applicants to submit the application form via the URL published on Twitter.
    In order to ensure fairness, the application is reviewed by several members. In principle, a high school should have one student who passed the entrance exam to UTokyo and less than ten students who passed the entrance exam to former imperial universities.
    If the screening committee is in favour of the applicant, the applicant will be notified by email.

    Insiders' thoughts


    ・Enthusiastic students with diverse backgrounds, specialities, and interests are enrolled. Participation in activities naturally broadens one's horizons.
    ・Many of the members are fascinating people, including their life experiences and lifestyles.
    ・Because UFTR is a new organization, we can take on the responsibility of planning and implementing new projects at once.
    ・Unlike many clubs, this community lasts for more than six years, including four years of undergraduate or graduate school.
    ・While there are few high school peers, we can receive various information from members. For example, last year, the "Freshman Nandemo Sodan Channel" was opened on Slack, where we could casually ask senior students about their courses.
    ・You can make friends who have fought through entrance exams in a similar environment.
    ・My unique experience of taking entrance exams can be directly helpful to others.
    ・I can find my value in UTokyo.
    ・The frequency of activities is moderate, and the degree of commitment can be adjusted, so it is easy to balance other activities. In addition, since the activity days are multiples of 6 and the schedule is not filled with fixed days, it is easy to participate.


    We are still in the early stages of our activities, and the environment for our activities is not yet perfect. On the other hand, it is possible to start a new project.

    Recruitment Schedule


    Thank you for reading this article!
    We have two thigs to tell you.

    1. We announce information about events, programs and campus by our official LINE (only Japanese). Why don't you register?
    LINE for students enrolling in 2021
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    2.We are accepting questions from here. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

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